NAVITECH is the only specialized navigation industry exhibition in Russia that brings together leading Russian and foreign developers and vendors of navigation equipment, services and software including mapping apps, reflects current world trends and defines a vector for the development of national information resources, being the main exhibition event for professionals of the industry.
NAVITECH-2015 is:
  • Global professional event covering the entire range of solutions, system technologies, equipment and services of navigation, information and communication industries
  • Unique opportunity for leading world manufacturers from Russia, Europe and Asia to present their latest products to the wide circle of industry specialists, to establish direct trade relationships, to expand sales geography, to solve marketing issues and to learn about world trends and development prospects of the industry
  • Meeting with movers and shakers of the state and the industry
  • High quality of business contacts
  • Comprehensive agenda covering important issues of the industry development.
Major thematic sections of the exhibition:

 Automotive and Personal Navigation, Equipment, LBS Services:
  • Navigation software
  • Automobile navigation equipment
    • PND
    • CPND
    • Car PC
    • MID
    • Smartphones
  • Build-in automobile navigation and multi-media systems
  • Tourist navigation equipment
  • GLONASS/GPS-receivers
  • Trackers
  • Information and navigation services
    • Road traffic information services
    • Personal safety and property security services
    • Geo-context information (including tourist) services
    • Geo-context advertising
 Navigation Technologies for Land Development, Survey, Design and Construction:
  • Geoinformation technologies
    • Software
    • GIS-projects
  • Earth remote probing
  • Satellite geodesy equipment
  • Technologies, methods and systems of enhancing navigation measurement accuracy
 In-Vehicle Navigation and Information Systems:
  • Motor transport monitoring and management systems
    • Departmental systems
    • Regional systems
    • Commercial transport management systems
    • Passenger transport management systems
    • Systems ensuring the safe transportation of special value and dangerous goods
  • Navigation technologies for intellectual transport systems
  • Railway transport management systems
  • Navigation systems for sea and river transport
 Professional Navigation Equipment, Modules and Components:
  • Telematic AVL-terminals for different vehicles
  • Detectors and other additional devices
  • OEM-modules
  • Radioelectronic components and electronic components base
  • Test and control devices for satellite navigation equipment

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