For the first time, the entire Forum will be broadcast via the Internet: Plenary Sessions + all sections

10 February 2015
We all strive for the development and meeting certain goals, and at the same time we always try our best to minimize expenditure of our resources while getting maximum benefits. To be up-to-date company executives and employees we need to keep track of events taking place in different parts of the world. Today, in the age of modern technologies, we have the opportunity to receive information without putting off our work and spending time on travelling. Specially for regional companies, whose representatives not always have the opportunity to attend an event, ProfConferences is organizing online broadcast of the 9th International Navigation Forum. This year we will have the Plenary Sessions, as well as all sections of the first and second days of the forum, broadcast via the Internet. Moreover, having registered for the online broadcast, you receive the opportunity to re-watch the videos within 30 days to have access to the forum’s e-catalog. Be a part of the event taking place many kilometers from you, and receive all information firsthand!

You can register at:

*The offer is valid for regional companies

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