Poltoratskiy Vitaliy

Date and place of birthday: June 30, 1974, the Kharkov region.
In 1996 graduated from Military Academy of Engineering and Space named after A.F.Mozhaisky with speciality «Systems of aircraft management».
In 1996-2007 served in Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, reserve lieutenant colonel, Head of the Research Department of the 4 Central Scientific-Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Author of more than 40 scientific papers.
In 2007-2009 – analyst, then Head of the Analytical Department of company «M2M telematics».
In 2009-2013 – top manager of the group of companies «M2M telematics».
Since April 26, 2013 General Director of LLC «Research Institute of Applied Telematics».
Married, has two children.
Hobby: fishing