Shulga Evgeny

The IV-th International forum on satellite navigation (on June 1-2, 2010, Moscow).
The subject of the report “Cyber Fleet® potential for training of students and experts on real objects in real time”.

The V-th International forum on satellite navigation (on June 1-2, 2011, Moscow).
The subject of the report “Training in quality management of technological process in real time”.

The VII-th International forum on satellite navigation (on April 24-25, 2013, Moscow)
The subject of the report “Experience of training of operating activities in logistics with use of global monitoring”

The VIII-th International navigation forum (on April 23-24, 2014, Moscow)
The subject of the report “Management of agrarian and industrial complex with use of global navigation satellite systems”


Section: “Regional and Corporate Navigation Information Systems”
“Schedule fulfillment quality management model on the real-time mode”

In the modern dispatching programs, which are used for the management of transport, there is no observability of relationship of cause and effect “quality — losses” that makes them less effective and not competitive. Timeliness of implementation of the schedule, safety of freight by quantity and quality, timeliness and completeness of operational management belong to indicators of quality. The excess expenses and the missed benefit belong to losses.
Optimizing the movement of vehicles on the electronic card, we optimize the movement of vehicles in the real environment due to remote control.
Observability of relationship of cause and effect represents the monitoring of losses and allows the revealing of the hidden expenses and the missed benefits decrease by quality, by implementation of schedules and the level of operational management, demanded.
The model of a control system consists of model of object of management and model of the subject of management and is intended for finding of optimum set of schedules, decisions on anticipation and on operational management.
Parameters of model are adjusted according to the seasonality of environment. The model accuracy — the compliance to environmental conditions, which influences the accuracy of behavior of the curve, imitating losses in the course of implementation of the correcting schedules on anticipation and on operational management.